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Advanced Key Management

Intelligent Digital Access Control System

The Loxal portal, is a secure, scalable, fully supported cloud-based custom built software solution that enables users of Loxal hardware to administer and manage their owned and rented units. IDACS can, by agreement, be integrated with clients existing software systems, please contact us for more information.

Once a Loxal IDACS product is installed the benefits soon become clear. Eliminate wasted man hours, waiting for keys, collecting keys, and associated key costs. Increase compliance and productivity.

IOS / Android App

Our solution includes a mobile app for iOS and Android, enabling you to receive real-time alerts directly on your phone via push notifications. Additionally, the app offers remote access to turn your cameras on or off, check connectivity status, browse non-threatening movement detections stored in the cloud backend, and much more. With our mobile app, you can experience the fastest possible alerting, no matter where you are in the world. Stay connected and informed with our user-friendly mobile app, designed to provide maximum convenience and security.

The Desktop App

Our advanced cameras offer exceptional battery performance without relying on bulky battery packs. With up to 400 days of battery life or 50,000 triggered events, our cameras surpass the competition in terms of longevity. In case you require even longer battery life or are operating them in high-traffic areas with frequent motion detection, we provide external battery packs or even solar panels to meet your needs. Our flexible power options ensure reliable operation, regardless of your surveillance requirements or location.

Monitoring Cloud Backend

Our cloud-based monitoring backend solution delivers professional-grade monitoring and control capabilities for all your camera deployments, no matter their location. Our cloud monitoring station enables the management of multiple cameras, even in different locations, providing complete control to analyze performance, remotely adjust alerting settings, establish on/off schedules per camera or bridge, and much more. Our centralized system stores all alert and movement detection images, giving you quick access to detailed overviews, providing complete insight into what's happening at your premises or monitored locations. Our cloud monitoring backend solution empowers you with complete control, security, and peace of mind.

Network connectivity

Our camera solution incorporates the Bridge module, which houses the simcard for mobile data network connectivity. The cameras connect to the Bridge via a mesh network connection, while the Bridge serves as the single point of contact for the simcard. With the ability to connect up to 8 cameras, the Bridge provides reliable network connectivity for all your devices. The Bridge module efficiently transfers all motion detection and image capture data to our cloud backend, where our advanced AI-driven backend solution rapidly analyzes it for you. This streamlined system ensures that your surveillance data is efficiently managed and analyzed, providing you with the critical insights you need.


Our cutting-edge siren module integrates seamlessly with our deployed camera solution, acting as a powerful deterrent at your monitored location(s). When the cameras detect movement and our AI-driven backend identifies it as a potential threat, the siren module is instantly activated, emitting a loud audio alert and bright red flashing strobe light. Intruders are immediately alerted to their detection and the activation of an alarm, creating a powerful deterrent for unwanted visitors at your location(s). With our siren module, you can enjoy an enhanced level of security and peace of mind, knowing that your surveillance system is capable of delivering a swift, effective response to potential threats.

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