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Night Vision

Your tactical toolbox just stepped into the future.

Inspired by U.S. DoD next-gen digital tools, OPSIN’s Black Silicon sensor delivers unmatched low-light visual capability. Combined with digital display, recording, and navigation features, operations are more precise, efficient, and informative. Heightened visual detail and data collection inform tactical decisions and refine intelligence – advanced capabilities you won’t find with traditional night vision.


  • <1 millilux moonless starlight night vision

  • Extra-large 1920x1080 HD micro-OLED display with a custom eyepiece for 25mm eye relief 

  • 44 degree field of view for maximum situational awareness 

  • Photo, video, and audio recording 

  • Manual focus of objective lens and diopter

  • Onboard digital magnetic compass and GPS to document and geo-tag location

  • Up to 256GB on-board storage 

  • Battery provides up to eight hours of operation with a full charge

  • Flexible helmet mounting options with a standard dovetail interface

  • Adjustable and reversible swing arm with quick-release button

  • Exceeds MIL-STD-810G drop test   

  • IP67 rated: water-resistant at 1m/30min submersion, vibration/shock, salt/sand

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