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Security Solutions


Outdoor Security With Artificial Intelligence

Arcanum offers unique and ruggedised camera solutions that are quick deployable in a wide variety of areas. The camera system combines artificial intelligence, low-power communications and groundbreaking hardware into a simple, easy to operate and maintain autonomous surveillance system.

Less false alarms. Long battery life.
Intelligent intrusion detection.

Industries :


Energy / Copper Theft

Construction Site


Farm Security

Home Security



Connect. Control. Reboot.

Reboot network devices without going on site

Seamlessly add mobile control to any existing access control system

Control Anything, Anywhere, Anytime

Open gates and doors without running wires or digging trenches


uSwitch Pro

uSwitch CS


Intelligence for your security cameras

Introducing Camect Home...
World’s smartest, most private AI camera hub with intelligent alerts, private storage, and continuous recording.
Powerful enough for security professionals, and easy enough for anyone.

bodyguard in sunglasses opening car door to businessman_edited.jpg

Overwatch / Surveillance Detection

Detect / Alert / React 

Our unique solution gives you realtime information and alerts on suspected vehicles following / tailing you or your VIP/vehicles under protection. The system does it without any input or prior information and reacts on information detected and analysed by the onboard AI.

VIP protection,

Cash In Transit protection,

Transportion of valuable goods,


jam detect

GSM Jammer Detector

This GSM Jamming detection and monitoring module is built to detect nearby signal jamming and to notify response teams in milliseconds of GSM or GPS jamming events. The Jammer Detector can alert responding or monitoring agents by SMS, email, API or in the portal.


4G Security Camera

This standalone 4G Security Camera can be used for different domains such as site security, building sites or as trail camera etc.


Unattended ground sensors, surveillance systems
and perimeter protection

Ruggedised Surveillance System


The best "In-Ear" micro speaker earpiece available in the market

Ruggedised Surveillance System

Security Solutions: Benefits
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